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Lunarch Studios Inc.
Lunarch Studios Inc.
Video games Developer
Toronto, Canada


Lunarch Studios was conceived in 2010, when our designers—a fiercely competitive team of math olympiad champions, professional poker players, and MIT PhD students—set out on a journey to advance the art of online games through aggressive innovation.

Dissatisfied with the shallow and exploitative trends dominating the industry, we aim to develop cutting-edge, intelligent games that use technology to create novel experiences of unexpected depth. Our products are ambitious, one-of-a-kind titles that define new genres and innovate in multiple directions at once.

As a company, Lunarch aims to blend the skill and determination of a tech startup with the integrity and craftsmanship of an independent game studio. We're committed to building disruptive, elegant, and bullshit-free online games, and we're driven by raw, unflinching perfectionism.


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